If there’s any restaurant out there in Dubai which can be classified as the bold one, it will most certainly be ‘The Bowl One’. Why, you ask? Because It’s not just a restaurant, but an idea, a concept, a cause.

‘Fortune favors the bold’. – Virgil 

Their cause is of utmost importance in everyone’s life as it’s about ‘healthy living’. The cause is to break the stereotypical definition of health which is based only on physical appearance. This vision came as an epiphany to the founder of the restaurant - ‘Shahrzad Mehryar’. For many years, she followed strict dieting regimens and programs. For years and years, she put herself under extreme pressure which led her to redundant work.

Health is not just about a slim waistline or a perfect body, it’s a 360 degree lifestyle. It’s about maintaining a balance between physical, emotional and mental well-being.

The Bowl One’ prefers a different way to be healthy. A way which aims to put aside counterproductive methods to get the desired body. It’s quite simple if you look at it, stop starving yourselves, and start enjoying food. 

Diet plans and fitness routines are often taken too far and they turn out to be toxic as you try to achieve your perfect shape. The Bowl One believes that perfect is bad, as you can’t top perfect.

Many people have unfortunately gone through difficult health journeys to achieve perfection. For all those people out there, who want to speak their heart out either about their health journeys or to speak on just about any topic without being judged, The Bowl One, boldly created ‘Speaker’s Swing’ in their facility. Whoever sits on that swinging seat, can speak their heart out and let the world listen to their bold voice.

At The Bowl One, no one judges what you want to eat. You can completely personalize any dish, any bowl, any topping, in any way you want. Not only this, but you can also save your personalized dish or meal so that whenever you want to order the same again, they’d know exactly what you’re talking about. 

The Bowl One also created a personalized subscription system so that everyone can save time and enjoy their personalized meals without thinking too much all the time. This subscription system aims to relax your mind. It provides healthy food options and completely customizable meals based on your taste palette. This system saves you from going through the trouble every day, thinking about what to eat, and then finally either ordering or cooking the meal. Why waste so much time and energy every day? When in just a few minutes, you can easily decide what to eat in the next week or month, and receive your personalized meals at your personalized time at your personalized place.

The Bowl One has redefined health, confidence, personalization, and convenience. So, when we say The Bowl One is the bold one in town, you better believe it.