Being organized to the point where you time your meals is like reaching the nirvana state of efficiency. But those who struggle to find some kind of sustenance when it comes to figuring the what and when for pre-workout and post-workout gym diet food, I got you.

If you’re going to put your body through rigorous workouts then you need proper pre-workout meals that will fuel up your body. To get the most out of your training sessions and to feel energized enough to power through your exercises you need to take real, delicious snacks and meals before your workout.

And of course, refueling after a workout is necessary too. You don’t want to drag yourself for the rest of the day after your workout. Post-workout gym diet food will not only help you recover from the exertions, but it will also help you build a stronger body.

Pre-Workout Gym Diet Food

The best pre-workout meal consists of a balance of all essential macronutrients. Carbs provide your body with the energy required for a high-intensity workout, fats help you stay energized for a longer time and proteins repair and maintain muscle protein synthesis.

Now you may be wondering how soon you should eat before your workout? 

Ideally, it is best to take meals 1 - 4 hours before your workout. This will ensure that your body has digested the food and is ready for optimal performance. I know that with busy schedules and tough routines where we are rushing to the gyms right after our jobs, we hardly can scrounge up enough time to have a proper meal. But if you had a fulfilling breakfast and think you can go without a meal then it's fine. However, it is recommended to snack upon a protein bar, multi-grain crackers, fruits, or Greek yogurt at least 30 mins to 3 hours prior to your workout so that your blood sugar doesn't get affected. Try these pre-workout snacks and meals:

Pre-Workout Meals & snacks

  • TBO’s PB&J shake
  • PB & J sandwich 
  • TBO creamy oatmeal 
  • TBO pre-workout explosion shake (protein shake)
  • Granola bars
  • Multi-grain crackers
  • Fruits
  • Greek yogurt
  • Trail Mix


Post-Workout Gym Diet Food

Post-workout meals are to replenish, repair, and recover your body from the workout it just went through. Eating after exercising minimizes muscle protein breakdown, reduces muscle soreness, assists in building muscle mass, and replenishes the glycogen (energy stored in your muscles) you’ve used up in your workout. Your main focus should be on eating or drinking something that has a high amount of protein and carbs, 30 minutes to an hour after your workout.

Post-Workout Meals & snacks

  • Quinoa bowl 
  • Burrito with beans 
  • TBO’s Spiced Chicken breast Grill (Grilled chicken with sautéed vegetables and brown rice)
  • Tuna salad 
  • Turkey sandwich on whole grain bread
  • Whey protein shakes
  • Oatmeal
  • TBO’s house salmon