From grandeur historic sites to a wide array of parks, malls, and beaches - Dubai has a beguiling and luxurious lifestyle. Hosting hundreds of nationalities, the Middle Eastern cuisine is as diverse as its residents.

The large number of lavish restaurants offering varieties of food with authentic flavours and mouth-watering dishes is a dream come true for any food lover. To get a real feel for Lebanese, Palestinian, and Emirati food scene you can just take a walk around and explore the multi-cultured restaurants. With so many things to try out you’d be left wondering what to eat, cook, or order. Well then let me introduce The Bowl One - a modern-age restaurant providing a vast range of healthy  food.

Now before you go on thinking that this is yet another salad restaurant with subpar wraps and sandwiches as their special menu – I’d like to stop you right there.

The Bowl One strives to provide you with the most mouth-watering and healthy food all over Dubai, right at your doorstep.

The founder of The Bowl One had this epiphany while trying to juggle for sustenance in her own diet plan, that the main thing that hinders us from having a consistent diet plan is the maintenance. The constant back and forth of making decisions make us less motivated and trigger our impulses to just drop everything and quit.

Majority of the meal plans today lack leniency. They suggest that we adopt a robotic persona and force ourselves to eat dry cardboard like food. At first, we accept these ridiculous, unrealistic “shred challenges” that may work for a temporary time but are useless for long term goals.

The Bowl One has one mantra and that is to let the body have what it needs. They ensure a holistic approach to eating and encourage you to enjoy the delicacies life has to offer.

From vegan, vegetarian, muscle building diet, to keto meal plans Dubai has been expanding the niches of restaurants over the years. The Bowl One is ahead of the market in offering various types of meal plans that not only satisfy your appetite but also your taste buds. You can get anything from customizable acai and fresh smoothie bowls, colourful avocado toasts, to killer keto bowls and homemade sugar-free ice cream, you can be the one in control. Chefs and nutritionists at The Bowl One hand pick the freshest and finest of the ingredients to provide you with an extensive menu of the best of the best meals.