Being the highlight of vacations for many tourists around the globe and a home for the multicultural population, Dubai’s food industry is rapidly embracing many advancements as they come. 

From waiting in long queues to having mobile apps for food delivery, from being frustrated over deciding your next meal to having restaurants plan your eating lifestyle, from making food from scratch to having frozen food stocked up, we have come a long way from the traditional norms of going about things. More often than not we opt for fast and convenient options without considering their health hazards.

Let’s talk about canned foods. They are cheap, convenient, and generally a good option for times when you want an ingredient that is out of season. But did you know that canned foods pack a high amount of sodium that is not always labelled by its name? That 90% of canned goods have BPA (bisphenol-A) which gives a rise to health problems such as type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. 

As if that wasn’t enough, we have genetically modified food in the market. Genetical engineering is the process of moving the desired gene of an organism to others. Even though this helps in faster cultivation of food items, it poses more harm than good. The biggest issue of the consumption of GM foods is the development of diseases that are immune to antibiotics.

However, Dubai’s food scene took a major shift over the decades and now focuses more on promoting healthy eating. Many of Dubai’s restaurants incorporate organic food, low-carb high-protein diet, vegan dishes, menus with nutrition and calories listed. The Bowl One is Dubai’s best healthy food restaurant and one of the biggest advocate of guilt-free healthy eating. 

The Bowl One handpicks fresh ingredients to prepare their meals from scratch. They have an extensive range of meal plans that cater to everyone from meat lovers, vegetarians, to vegans and keto fans. From using fibre-rich ingredients, slow-burning carbs, to essential fats and lean proteins, every dish in their menu is carefully prepared to take extra care for your wellness and health. 

The main motto of The Bowl One is to revive the joy in eating by eliminating the restrictions we put on ourselves in the name of dieting or healthy eating and let the body have what it needs. Subscribe now to get fresh nutritious meal plans delivered all over Dubai, right at your doorstep.