Out of the many charms of Dubai, its wide range of healthy food is an honourable mention. The combination of flavoursome spices, different types of meat, aromatic rice, makes up the best meal plans you’ve ever tasted. Dubai has this extensive list of meal plans that are worth trying if you want to be fit while enjoying what’s on your plate:


  1. Ketogenic Meal Plan: The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that limits your carb intake by 20 grams per day and forces the body to rely on fats for its main source of energy. In short, your metabolism will start burning fats instead of carbs or sugar for fuel. This diet is best for reducing weight but you may feel restricted or less motivated for lack of better options. The Bowl One has customized ketogenic meal plans that provides you with a vast range of delicious Dubai meal plans you can choose from. Here’s a sneak-peak of snacks you can eat if you follow The Bowl One ketogenic meal plan: feta cheese with cucumber sticks, fruit salad pot, smoked nuts, cucumber sticks with red pepper, hummus dip, seed crackers.


  1. Muscle Gain Plan: Building muscle does not solely depend on your gym activities but also on the diet you take. Let's say you nailed your gym workout and then some but didn't have enough calories to balance it out- all that huffing puffing and effort is now down the drain. You've got to have an appropriate meal plan that consists of enough calories to build new muscle after a workout. The Bowl One provides mouth-watering meal plans that focus on the right food choices to help you gain the results you wished for. Here are some of the items you can choose from for your muscle gain diet:


  • Salmon [w/o hollandaise + bun] + SP hash cup
  • Egg white omelette
  • Protein oatmeal


Lunch and Dinner:

  • Soup
  • Chipotle chicken salad (Spiced chicken slices, quinoa, red and yellow capsicum, sweet corn, avocado, cherry tomato, and mustard lime dressing) 
  • TBO chicken 
  • Salmon fillet grill + quinoa 
  • Chicken tikka breast + quinoa
  • Falla fella + quinoa/ zesty cauliflower rice
  • Vegan poke bowl 
  • Kale caesar salad 
  • Thai salad


  1. Vegetarian Meal Plan: The veggie lover diet includes a diverse range of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, seeds. You want to change your eating habits and switch things up a bit then that's great. But the biggest mistake people make when starting a vegetarian diet is relying on that highly processed canned stuff. And that is counterproductive to staying healthy. The Bowl One has Dubai’s tastiest vegetarian meal plans that are made up of fresh ingredients to help you maintain a balanced diet. Here’s a list of appetizing dishes that The Bowl One vegetarian meal plans Dubai incorporate: spinach & cheese omelette, yoghurt parfait, protein oatmeal, protein banana bread, protein oatmeal, spiced cardamom milk with granola.


  1. Vegan Diet Plan: Alright now, you believe that meat isn’t neat. No worries. The Bowl One has vegan diet plans that are as delicious as they are nutritious. You won’t be left eating grass and dry pancakes-regretting your life choices. Have a look at their amazing list of ingredients for vegan meal plans Dubai: Avocado toast, Shakshuka with breaded tofu, Scrambled tofu Mexican wrap, and so much more!

Dubai is best known for its authentic and traditional food all over the world and The Bowl One preserves that signature taste to provide tasty and healthy meal plans all over Dubai. The Bowl One helps you in your pursuit of staying strong and healthy by providing you with perfectly personalized meals delivered right at your doorstep.