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TB Reese's Cup KCAL149|P18|F17|C21
The Nutella Replica KCAL138|P14|F14|C22
Rocky Road KCAL111|P15|F10|C12
Eton's mess KCAL120|P11|F9|C15
Sugar-free soft serve ice-cream KCAL93.4|P4|F2|C6.8
Jazzy Banana Bread KCAL280|P17|F6|C30
BBB-rownie KCAL92|P4|F8|C24
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup KAI 188|P 26|F 20|C11
Chocolate Chip Cookie KCAI 146|P 2|F 16|C11
Protein Black Bean Brownie (dairy-free) KCAI 92|P 4|C 24|F 8
Protein banana bread KCAL280|P17|F6|C30