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Bon Avoyage AVO Toast KCAL479|PNB|F85.5|C87
The Go-2 One KCAL 493|P37|F38|C73
The Fala-Fella KCAL477|P25|F15|C65
The Open Chicken Sandwich KCAL605|P36|F34|C67
Chicken Quesadilla KCAL653.4|P38|F27|C61
Salmon Club Sandwich KCAL638|P27|F25.5|C67
Keasar Salad KCAL411|P24|F22|C23
Beat The Summer Salad KCAL724|P23|F25|C82
Truffle Potato with truffle alioli
Tangy Leaf Salad KCAI 282|P18|F13|C29
The OG Acai KCAL333|P11|F26|C24.4
The Snickers Bowl KCAL581|P35|F23.5|C97
Yogurt Straw-Nana KCAL139|P5.1|F2|C29
The Reverse Cheesecake KCAL182|P4.5|F1.4|C46
Tropical Bowl KCAL192|P3.7|F0.9|C42
The TBO Tropical KCAL243|P29|F0.5|C2
Froyo Smoothie KCAI 182|P 28.5|F38|C 6
The Green One KCAL170|P36|F0.5 |C45.1
The Truffle Experiment KCAL561|P29|F26|C40
Eggs Benedict
TBO's Creamy Oatmeal KCAL410|P21|F23|C39
Granola and milk
Chicken Milanese KCAI1014|P57|F66|C71
Spiced Chicken Breast Grill KCAL834|P58|F58|C33
Salmon Fillet Grill KCAL768|P40|F21|C86
Green Rainbow Salad KCAL382|P18|F15|C89
The Chicken Tikka Burger KCAL517|P27|F20|C29
Truffle Chicken Wrap KCAL463|P36|F20|C52
House Salmon KCAL 515|P40|F15|C45
Salmon Avo Sandwich KCAL409.8|P27|F25.5|C67
Portobello Mushroom Soup
Sweet Potato With Sriracha with vegan Aioli
Sago Cracker, Goat Cheese Snow & Tri-Color Hummus
Falafel Pops & Dip KCAL383|P13|F18|C32 Falafel Pops & Dips
TB Reese's Cup KCAL149|P18|F17|C21
The Nutella Replica KCAL138|P14|F14|C22
Rocky Road KCAL111|P15|F10|C12
Eton's mess KCAL120|P11|F9|C15
PB & Jay KCAL429|P36|F15.1|C62
Purple Cloud KCAL451|P36|F15|C32
Disguised Hulk KCAL389|P38|F16.5|C32.2
Snickers Bite KCAL563|P42|F29|C68.4
Pre-workout Explosion + Vanilla Whey KCAL446|P35.7|F15.4|C52
Cherry's Berry One KCAI 449|P 11.1|F 15|C 55.5
Truffle Aioli KCAI 205|P 1.4|F 21|C 3.3
The Tbo Tropical KCAI 144|P 4|F 3|C 33.7
Jazzy Banana Bread KCAL280|P17|F6|C30
BBB-rownie KCAL92|P4|F8|C24
Peanut Butter KCAL588|P0.55|F110|C60
Palenola KCAL421|P18|F40|C14
Sriracha Aioli KCAI 219|P 2|F 25|C 20
Hazelnut ‘Neatella’ KCAI 614|P46.2|F132.20|C41.80
Almond Butter KCAI 614|P 46.2|F132.20|C41.80
Vegan Poke Bowl KCAI 395|P 22|F 11|C 28
Truffle Vegan Cheese Toastie (Vegan, Dairy free) KCAI 416|P23|F 13|C 67
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup KAI 188|P 26|F 20|C11
Chocolate Chip Cookie KCAI 146|P 2|F 16|C11
Create Your Own Bowl Customize your favorites, pick your favorite base, protein and veggies. Then get saucy and crunch it up. Save your killer combo and never repeat it again!
Yogurt bowl
3 Eggs Your Way
Breakfast Wrap KCAL969|P31|F40|C37
Eggs Florentine
Eggs Salmon Royale
Thai Salad KCAL398|P19|F18|C91
Philly Cheesesteak KCAL583|P42|F32|C40 |
Salmon Avo Situation KCAL409.8|P27|F25.5|C67
Lentil Soup
Protein Black Bean Brownie (dairy-free) KCAI 92|P 4|C 24|F 8
Sugar-free soft serve ice-cream KCAL93.4|P4|F2|C6.8
TBO Chicken Bowl KCAL404|P35|F16|C55
The Prawn Bowl kCal 510 | P 43g | F 21g | C 114g
Protein banana bread KCAL280|P17|F6|C30