I’ve always felt like I didn’t fit in. I was a weird child for starters, I’d ‘do my own thing’. If someone just analyzed my personality as a child they would bet I would grow to become anti-social. When all the kids were playing with their toys together, I’d pick up a plastic bag, rip it up to pieces and sit for hours and hours just drawing scenarios and stories in my head. My favorite thing to do as a kid was grabbing a bunch of different objects like pens, notebooks and boxes, and be given freedom to fill the room with them; to construct an imaginary flow from nothing, which was in actuality breathing a conceptual collective meaning, to small ‘nothings’. I think to this day, I still do the same: what looks like a restaurant today, is only just one element to TB1 Revolution. This is my stepping stone.

As I grew up, I still didn’t quite get with the program. I had to observe others for years to learn what it meant to be ‘normal’. While that still hasn’t changed my tendency to break the status quo, I now find human connection as one my biggest assets. Another reoccurring limiting factor I still battle with is the sensitive balance between restriction and freedom. Its a no brainer explicit freedom is important, but do we ever consider how much freedom we’re truly free to enjoy inside of our own heads? Are we aware of how much we restrict ourselves, consciously and subconsciously? We’re surely aware of the external pressures that limit our way of thinking, but to what extent have we consciously protected our minds from them? How free are you? 

Going through mental and physical repercussions of overly-restrictive approach to health, I deeply feel responsible to contribute to bettering our society, for our future children. There is so much suppression in everyone of us, that I aim to actualize, collectively. And this time I’m not asking for freedom to do so.

Growing up in this day and age, as a girl, we are bombarded with society’s pre-defined standards. There’s nothing wrong with standards, except that everyone has a different standard from a cultural, physical, emotional and physiological perspective. One of the many over-stated social pressures that influenced a series of events and decisions in my life have been general health. Over time, my journey, just like so many others, proved health doesn’t have a static meaning. Indeed too much health becomes dangerously unhealthy. This is the single most powerful motivation behind my mission. 

Being a perfectionist, getting abs was an easy job. Question is; how? And at what cost? 

I want TBO to break rules, from all the physical ones such as how we place orders to all the conceptual ones like putting sugar-free protein ice cream in between a sexy brioche hot dog topped with healthy Nutella and salted peanuts, or having vegan truffle parmesan fries with your kale Caesar salad.

I want TBO to transform limiting factors into indulgence in scratch made food, and put fun back into eating where it belongs.

And most importantly, I want TBO to simplify sustainable health, the kind that lasts a life time, inclusive of mental and physical health. 

TBO will be the end to decision-dilemma in scrolling down delivery apps with prescheduled and customized food orders. 

All of this? Not just hopes and dreams, thats where the e-one comes in, the real game changer.

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